Sunday, February 4, 2007


I'm officially excited for the Sox to open:


Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. That's a fucking great spot, as well, particularly when Dice K sculls the funk out of a pint of ice cold Asahi.

I think we know what the official beer of our opening day party will be.

Mean Rachel said...

And you were making fun of MY video?

MRhé said...

Rigs: Yeah, he's got a quick beer. Let's hope his fastball measures up.


MR: The difference is that your video involves naked men and a silly song, whereas my video involves hardcore rock and a Japanese import drinking a Japanese import.

Anonymous said...

i will award you a point for that entry


Anonymous said...

appears defunct, this blog does

- Yoda

MRhé said...

It's a privilege to have a Jedi Master reading this blog, even if he is being a bit of an arse.